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 Ally designs websites and more for performers, or anyone in need of creative assistance.  View rates, packages, and examples of Ally’s work below. 


More examples available upon request.




  • How long will it take for you to make my website?

Generally speaking, designing a site from scratch takes anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks. If you have a specific deadline, we will work to get your site up and running by your desired date.

  • Will it cost money to update my site after it’s published?

As part of the package, I will do updates such as photos, resumes, media, minor format changes, etc. for a small fee of $10. For example, you email me and say “Hey! I got new headshots, and I want to update my resume and change my main header image” - that would cost a total of $10. However, full site re-vamps and major changes may come at an additional cost.

  • Can we meet up and create the site together?

    Based on my ever-changing, busy schedule, it will not be time effective for us to plan to work in-person. I do all my work remotely since I often end up working at odd hours of the day (early in the morning, late at night) around my day job! Additionally, designing a website is not a one-day job - we won’t be able to get this done in one sitting! I want YOU to have time to look things over, think about different elements, colors, themes, etc. and how they represent you and your brand!

  • How much does it cost to purchase a domain name and own a site?

A domain name generally costs about $15-20 a year. Ownership of your site can cost up to about $120 a year but can be made in affordable monthly payments, or paid upfront for a discount.

  • I already have a domain name! Can I transfer it to a new site on squarespace?

Absolutely! We can transfer your domain name to squarespace, or any other provider we end up using to bring your vision to life.

  • I don’t have a lot of photos or performance footage, but I’m still interested in a website. Is it worth it?

YES! Having a website is about gaining an online presence, putting your brand out there, and having the right information accessible. We can always add media, and change photos, etc. going forward if you gain more material!


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